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Manic Monday

How does the song go –             Six o’clock already             I was just in the middle of a dream Yep, that was me – right in the middle of a dream, when I should have been up getting the … Continue reading

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Bring Them to the Mountain

I want to start today with letting you know I’m able to sit. If you have no idea what I’m talking about you’ll need to read Coffee with God, Alton Brown and My Posterior. Today I’m going to talk about … Continue reading

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Coffee with God, Alton Brown, and My Posterior

Incase you were wondering, I did not fall off the planet; it has just been one of those weeks. This is actually the first time I’ve been at my computer in days.  I actually had two people call me this … Continue reading

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South of the Border Chicken Soup

TGIS! Thank God it’s Saturday. I love Saturdays, they’re so relaxing, I don’t ever have to go anywhere and usually the Crazys just sit around in their PJs watching TV or playing board games while I bake and prep the … Continue reading

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My Dirty Little Secret

I have a dirty little secret, and the weight of this secret at times has been more than I can bear. I hear that many other people walk around with this same secret, but unless they’re keeping their secrets as … Continue reading

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Not Really Goulash-Goulash

I have decided that the theme song for my life is going to be Sabre Dance. It sounds like the name of a sexy salsa dance doesn’t it? It’s not. You probably have heard it before and just don’t realize … Continue reading

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Wheat Bread with Flax Seed

Welcome back to LHOTP, I’m so glad you stopped by. Feel free to have a cup a coffee while you’re here, you’re safe to drink it; today’s post isn’t about the Crazys, so none of it will be spraying across … Continue reading

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